Sunday, April 17, 2005

High Fidelity Bye Fidelity

joy yee
Mung loves sesame chicken.

Mung and her Mung-track mind takes advantage of being in a different area code and cheats on her love that she left back home. She is so much of a cheater that she is often mistaken for the fastest animal on Earth, that of the feline type (a cheetah, geddit?). The way to Mung's heart is through her stomache and this Chicago joint, Joy Yee, has entered her stomache, passed through the intestines, into the blood stream, and into her heart.

Mung had her fun with the Hare and Tortoise and it was good while it lasted, but now that Joy Yee is in the picture, she will have to say Laters to her ex-fav London eatery. Sorry Hare and Tortoise, but its not you, its me.


At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Jungers said...

H and T will never forgive you, where will Joy Yee be when you are back in London? Thousands of miles away, thats where! You deserve a succulent curry laksa to be waved under your nose then taken away and given to Jungers to shove down her throat, You dirty cheating restaurant whore! Youre butters.


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